The Golden Triangle Gun Club is proud to sponsor Youth Safety Education and Shooting. In cooperation with organizations such as 4-H, the GTGC provides range facilities and equipment to promote safe gun handling skills, safe target shooting opportunities and competitive shooting for a life long enjoyment of the shooting sports.

NRA Foundation Grant Benefits Youth Shooting and Safety through the Golden Triangle Gun Club.

We were excited this year to be the recipients of a Friends of the NRA grant to support our youth shooting programs. The $4,962.00 grant allowed us to replace and upgrade existing equipment and continue to improve the small bore rifle program we offer youth at our facility.

The youth program at the Golden Triangle Gun Club promotes firearm safety, discipline, competition and the joys of the shooting sports.

Friends of NRA is a grassroots, community-minded program supported by gun owners, sportsmen and NRA friends that conducts banquets and other fundraising events to generate income for The NRA Foundation. Last year, the Friends of the NRA raised a net of more than $13 million through events in over 1000 communities nationwide. The NRA Foundation has awarded more than 15,000 grants nationally with $3000,000.00 in funds supporting charitable programs in South Texas.

The NRA Foundation supports a broad range of programs and services that benefit local communities from providing shooting range access for physically disabled shooters to firearms safety, education and leadership programs for America's youth. Some of the programs include the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program, YHEC, and the Refuse to Be A Victim program. The NRA Foundation is a nonprofit arm of the National Rifle Association and is dedicated to promoting and funding firearms safety, education and training plus service nationally.

You can look for the youth shooters at the Golden Triangle Gun Club almost every Saturday in the spring on the Small Bore Range where, in cooperation with other youth development programs, we have a great time sharing our love of shooting sports.

4-H Shooting Sports

Small Bore (.22 Rifle):  The Jefferson County 4-H shoots small bore rifles at the 50 foot range most Saturday Mornings in the spring time starting in January and continuing through April.  The project ends with competitive events at the County Level and at the District Level where local teams compete against other County teams from across Southeast Texas.  In addition numerous events are available on the State Level for Youth Shooters.  Contact the 4-H instructors for more information.

BB Guns and Sporter Air Rifle:  The precision BB Guns and Sporter Air Rifle are offered at various times though out the year depending on the availability of indoor facilities and coaching staff.  This is a great way to involve young shooters in shooting sports while teaching the basics of safety and target competitions.  The Daisy 499 (the most accurate BB Gun in the world) is used for BB Gun shooting at 5 meters.  Sporter Air Rifle is shot with 1 of 4 Models of Pellet Rifles allowed by the National Sporter Air rules.  This is a relatively inexpensive competition shot at 10 meters (33 feet) with a minimum of equipment.  Local and District matches are available for the competitive shooter.  Contact the 4-H instructors for more information.

Shotguns: The Shotgun project runs through the spring and summer at the GTGC and other local clubs.  Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays shooting is provided for a modest target fee.  Several State 4-H sponsored events are offered though out the year for Shotgun Shooters.  Contact the 4-H instructors for more information.

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Other Youth Opportunities 

Most events at the gun club encourage Youth Shooters.  If you are interested please ask the match director for information on getting involved. Other youth organizations that are interested in sponsoring Youth Shooter are encouraged to contact the 4-H instructors for information and help.

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